Hello, I’m Paul, you’re you, and that’s just delightful.

I’m a horse racing, football and general sports fan who likes to make forecasts about the future and understand the performance differences between winners and losers.

This is not a tip blog. I may occasionally offer a preview of major meetings or races, but will aspire to do so to try and make a point about how to apply analytical thinking to a topic many people are interested in.

I don’t have any professional credentials on these topics, but I offer for your consideration:

  • I’ve been a fan of horse racing almost all my life.
  • I used to take weeks off from work to watch Test matches at Old Trafford (I’m too busy to do that at the moment)
  • I was a Manchester City fan back when they were not very good, so have a “pragmatic” view of success
  • By day I’m a technologist who likes playing with some of the best data science and machine learning tools, and I’m enjoying applying some of that work here
  • I was on the winning team of the first “hackday” at a Premier League club (Manchester City, 2016)
  • I’ve lived for a while as a professional gambler (I found it boring, I’ll write about that one day)
  • I devour books about sports, gambling and data science and try and bring the lot all together

This blog is about me being able to talk about things I enjoy, with a view to improving my own methods by laying them bare in the public domain. If other people enjoy that, then that’s wonderful.

A word on “ads”

Of course, the subject matter of this blog lends naturally itself to monetisation. Bookmakers, tipsters, betting systems, etc. I’m sure will over time be interested in finding “opportunities for partnership”. I’m not interested. If you’re reading this page with a view to making a pitch, please know you’re wasting your time.

I have no intention right now of monetising anything on this blog. I will sometimes link to things with an affiliate code, and I’ll make it clear to you if that’s the case. If I don’t mention it, I don’t get anything from any action you take from that link.

If I ever do try to monetise something, it’ll be something I sell myself, hopefully to you if you like it.


By day I’m a technologist who is more than comfortable with a Unix command line. As such, this site is hosted on github and built with jekyll. The repository is public and available to view, so you can see a complete audit trail of edits - perhaps important if you think I’m “after-timing”.

Despite being a fan of technology, I’m not much of a fan of tracking people or doing many of the things that apparently we have to do to create success as a writer on the internet.

I do not have Google Analytics - or any other explicit tracking technology - enabled on this blog. I do not have any ad networks, social media widgets or other tracking systems enabled. If you should find any, it’s a mistake and you should probably tell me.

It is hosted on github.com and I plan to front it with a CDN, so the closest I’ll have to traffic numbers is the number of requests I pay for from my CDN provider.

This all means however I can’t enable comments on this blog. It’s statically generated, and I’m not prepared to install Disqus or any other technology that might be used to track readers. I will regularly post articles to Reddit, the Betfair forum or other venues where commenting is enabled. I will actively read and reply to any comments posted there.

I’m also on Twitter, and encourage you to contact me there if you have comments or feedback.